Why Pray?

Your time is precious; why spend it praying?
Prayer is not easy, so why do it?

Let me ask you this; do you pray because you should or do you pray because you can?

There’s a huge difference between the two.

Many pray out of a sense of obligation. They pray because they know they should. It’s the right thing to do.

But should that be what motivates us to pray?

When obligation is the sole motivation for our prayers they can become mundane, legalistic, boring and faithless.

Now, don’t get me wrong, we should pray. We need to pray. Jesus prayed countless times throughout his life here on earth and scripture calls us to live a life of daily prayer. A consistent prayer life deeply impacts our relationships with God. It changes who we are. But if prayer is merely done as an obligation, checking off a to-do list, it will not be effective or life changing.

Then what should the motivation of our prayer lives be?

It should be the reality that prayer changes everything because God changes everything. That as Matthew 19:26 reads, “With man this is impossible. With God all things are possible.”

When we live out the understanding that our prayers matter, that we can come into the throne room of God at any time and bring literally any request before him, we will pray with a sense of urgency that will not only affect our lives but countless others’.

We must fully know in the core of our beings that God is more than able.
He can take any situation, any struggle, any damaged relationship, any broken life and bring an amazing victory.

Our prayers can make a major impact in this world we live in.

We can make a difference.