Many of us pray for God to work in others’ lives. We ask him to bless them. We ask the Lord to bring much needed change in people’s circumstances; to bring healing and restore broken lives; to mend the hurting.

And our prayers do matter. They change lives. They make a difference.

But when was the last time you prayed for God to use you to make that difference?

I love the story of David.

He wasn’t someone people would ever think God would choose to make the difference he made.

Even his own family didn’t count him worthy.

But God used him, not only to bring down the enemy Goliath, but in a powerful way as king of Israel. He was young and inexperienced. And yes he made many mistakes.  But he was surrendered to God and willing to be used by him. And God did just that.

Do you know what a difference you can make?

God can use you to make an impact in countless lives.

So many are struggling today.

There are children crying out for someone to help them.

God called my husband and I more than 25 years ago to work in Ukraine. We have never lived there but have gone there at least once every year since then and most years twice.

We’ve ministered to dozens of poor families, providing funds to help get them through the tough times.

We’ve had the blessing, and yes it’s our blessing, of supporting orphanages, one in particular. I can’t tell you how many times Danny has remarked at the end of a day how “Today was a good day. We put food in the mouths of orphans.”

Lately, God is allowing us to build boarding homes for girls that age out of orphanages. These are safe places where these girls can learn to transition into life in Ukraine as they grow in discovering how loved they are by God.

We’re not special. We’re certainly not rich. But we are willing, willing for God to use us to make a difference.  And God has used us. And God can use you too. It might not be exactly as he has with us, but if you’ll ask him to, he will use you in a powerful way.

Keep in mind you will never measure up to be worthy enough for the God of the universe to use you. None of us will. And I praise God for that. Knowing this truth brings me great peace. It takes the pressure off my imperfect shoulders and places it on those of a perfect creator God.

2 Cor. 12:9 tells us that his strength is made perfect in our weakness; that when we are weak we are strong. That means we don’t have to be strong enough. We don’t have to measure up to be good enough for God to use us. But if we’ll yield to him, and trust him to work, God will use us to make a huge difference in countless lives.

I love the fact that God doesn’t call the equipped. He equips the called. I’ve seen that to be true in my life.

When God has in mind to use you he will give you everything you need to do what he has called you to do. He knows you better than you know yourself. He’s aware of your struggles and limitations. He knows your fears.

But as Ephesians 3:20 says, God works in ways above and beyond anything we could ask or even imagine.

I never imagined the people I would grow to love in the country of Ukraine. Thinking he could pour through us as he has would have seemed impossible for us to accomplish. And it was, for us. But nothing is impossible for God

He can do the impossible. He can use you, imperfect as you are for his purpose and your blessing.

What if you stepped out and trusted him to work; to open doors of opportunity? Only God knows what a difference you can make and how many lives you can impact.

What if you prayed for God to use you?

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