What if we prayed thankfully?

“Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.”  Philippians 4:6

What does it mean to be devoted to prayer?

Being devoted means to be loyal or committed.

Are you committed to pray? Can you be depended on for prayer?

When others ask you for prayer do they know you will carry through and actually pray for them?

This verse in the book of Philippians gives us 3 very clear directives. It tells us to be:

  • Devoted to prayer
  • Watchful in prayer
  • Thankful in prayer

All three are very important, but do you see how they all fit together?

As we commit to being devoted to pray, our prayers need to be closely linked with thanksgiving.

Praying with a foundational attitude of thanking God changes everything.

Praying with a foundational attitude of thanking God changes everything. Click To Tweet

Without thanksgiving, our prayers can lack faith. Being thankful as we pray helps remind us of exactly whom it is we’re praying to and what he has done. It opens the door to believing him for what he can still do.

Being thankful changes our whole perspective about God’s unlimited working power.

It’s difficult to be devoted or committed to pray when we don’t see the possibility of God answering our prayers. Who wants to pray when they do not think their prayers make a difference?

Think about it; don’t you tend to be less discouraged when you’re thankful for something?

Aren’t you more expectant when you have a heart of thanksgiving?

It’s natural to pray more when we pray with an attitude of expectation. 

Being thankful gives you that expectant attitude. It opens the door to believing God for the impossible.

It changes the filter of how we see what we’re experiencing.

It also reminds us of what God has done, encouraging us to believe him for what he can still do.

Being watchful also impacts how we pray.

When we’re not watchful and conscious of what’s happening, we tend to lack a thankful attitude. Life situations can become the new normal and we can become oblivious to what we have to be thankful for.

Discouragement of what we’re facing can easily set in and this can take us to a place that’s far from being thankful.

In order to maintain an attitude of thanksgiving, it’s important to keep our eyes open to see what God is doing and how he is working.

Take notice of answers to prayer. Be appreciative of the every day blessings as well as the miraculous outpouring of God’s mercy and grace.

Are you committed and devoted to pray?

Are your prayers filled with thanksgiving to God?

And are you watchful of what God is doing around you, aware of his working power?

How might your prayers change if all three of these were true of your prayer life?

What if you prayed?

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