Praying for the beyond

Does it ever feel like praying for a particular need is too big?

Praying for some concerns may seem like they don’t count for anything, like our prayers are a pebble in the huge ocean of life.

This can be true when praying for concerns like the persecuted church or praying for an end to abortion or human trafficking. We can feel overwhelmed when praying for those suffering, the poor, or the plight of orphans.

We don’t know them by name so we don’t know who to pray for, how to pray or where to start.

So we often don’t.

Where do we begin? Can our prayers really make a difference?

They do. Your prayers matter because God hears each one. And when God is involved, things change and nothing is impossible.

I’ve heard many pray that God will meet the needs of “all those suffering.” That’s a noble prayer but it has no legs to run on.

Pray specifically. Pray beyond the general.

Ask yourself how you would want others to pray for you if you were in their situation. This can be a tremendous help when praying for wide concerns. Put yourself in their place. Give them your face. This helps me to pray with passion and concern.

Find out their particular needs. Do some searching on the Internet. If you’ll just google the subject of what you’re looking for, many options will pop up on your screen.

Ask God to guide you as you pray. Ask him to lay burdens on your heart for a particular ministry or hurting people. He will do this. He’s done it many times in my life.

I’ve recently had a burden for suffering Christians in North Korea. I’m not sure why I have this burden but I do. Here are some of the things I’ve been praying for:

  • For God to bring a deep sense of his presence into their lives.
  • That the guards will be kind and have a soft heart for them.
  • That they will remember the word of God.
  • That they will have opportunities to share Christ.
  • For angels to bring comfort and encouragement.
  • That God will give grace to their families. That they will hear some updates and be able to communicate with their loved ones.
  • That God will release them from prison.
  • For protection.
  • For God to use their suffering for his glory.

These are just a few of the specific prayers I’ve been daily lifting for these precious brothers and sisters in Christ. I’m confident my prayers make a difference.

I would want others to pray these and other prayers for me if I was in their situation.

Be assured your prayers matter. Remember the book of James tells us that the fervent prayer of a righteous man is powerful and affective.

Satan will work to prevent you from praying for these and other deep needs. Even if you’re not aware of the power of prayer, he is. And he will work to stop you from praying. Stand against him and pray!

Your prayers for these and other concerns make a difference. God can use you in amazing ways if you’ll just step out and pray.

One day you may very well meet these faceless souls you will pray for. Can you imagine the blessing that would bring knowing the difference you and your prayers made?

Imagine the joy in that!

What if you prayed?

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