What are you longing for today? What are your deepest concerns?

In Psalm 145:16 we read, “You open your hand and satisfy the desires of every living thing.”

What a powerful picture this is.

It speaks to the fact that God is our provider. He is the source of whatever we need. He alone is the one who meets the desires of our heart.

But do we believe this to be true?

In my book, Ultimate Connection, one of the 8 basic principles of prayer I describe is that we must be desperate for God. We must fully know in the core of our being that only God can do what we need done. He alone can provide what we lack. Basically, that only God can, but God can.

This deep-rooted reality is the foundation of a victorious life of prayer.

Many would agree with this truth, but unfortunately our prayer lives do not reflect it.

How much time do you spend with God on a daily basis?

Many people I talk to honestly tell me their prayer lives are lacking; often to the place of being non-existent.

If we fully believed that God is the only answer to our every need, wouldn’t we pray more?

If we fully believed that God is the only answer to our every need, wouldn’t we pray more? Click To Tweet

Wouldn’t we bring all of our concerns to him?

I wholeheartedly believe that this is the crisis of faith when it comes to our relationship with God. When faced with any situation, is our first thought and impression to turn to God and to bring whatever is concerning us to him?

Is it a confidence that God can protect, provide and meet whatever it is we’re facing?

Or is our real thought and reaction to try to fix it ourselves? And then maybe to turn to God if all else fails?

In case you’ve forgotten, let me remind you of who God is. He is creator. He loves us with an everlasting love in a way that only he is able of doing.

And there is nothing he cannot do. Nothing is impossible with God.

He alone can meet whatever situation it is you’re facing.

What if you prayed to that God today?  What if you trusted him to open those all-powerful, all-loving hands and to do what only he can do?

Only God can; but God can!

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