Remember to Pray

“I’ll pray for you.”

How often do we say those words but forget to actually pray? Have you ever been thanked for your prayers but knew in your heart you really forgot about praying for them? I know I have. We mean well, but life happens, and we forget. 

Along with forgetting, we sometimes can commit to pray almost as a way of expressing our care and concern.

But a promise to pray should go much deeper than just showing our personal support. The book of James tells us that the prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.

Prayer matters.

It really does make a difference when we lift our needs as well as the needs of others up to the Lord.

I can personally attest to the fact of how blessed I’ve been by the prayers of others. I’m encouraged knowing others are not just thinking of me, but praying for me. Not only do their prayers make a difference, but also knowing others are praying has brought me through some very difficult days.  

God hears and answers the prayers of his people.

So when asked to pray for someone we should try our best to do just that.

The 4th chapter of the book of James also tells us that we don’t have because we don’t ask God. Are you convinced that God works his mighty power through your prayers? 

If you are, you should make every effort to remember to pray.

Because it’s easy to forget, here are a few suggestions to help you fulfill a prayer promise.

  • Stop what you’re doing and pray for their concern the moment you hear of it. This is especially true when receiving a request in an email, text, or Facebook message. You may only have a minute but that minute matters. The time it takes to write back telling the person you’re praying for them can often take as much time as an actual prayer itself.
    This is something I try to do. Then after I pray, I ask the Lord to remind me to pray for them later when I have more time to spend lifting up this concern.
  • Jot the request down on a piece of paper, your phone, or a prayer list.
  • When on the phone or face to face, ask if you can pray for them right then. You don’t need to pray a long drawn-out prayer. Keep your prayer simple and direct. God hears our short prayers as well as our long ones.

Your prayers do make a difference. God hears our prayers, so remember to pray.  

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