Psalm 145

I recently read a question a friend had posted on Facebook. “Why doesn’t the church pray more?” Many responded with some very insightful answers. I spent a couple of days thinking about this question. 

One morning Psalms 145:16 jumped out at me, “You open your hand and satisfy the desire of every living thing.”

As I considered this verse I came to the conclusion that people don’t pray more because of one or both of these two reasons

-They don’t believe God can.

-They don’t believe God will.

This verse speaks volumes to the fact that God is the one, the only one, who meets our every need. He is our only source of whatever it is we’re lacking.

He alone can satisfy.

What if we prayed? 

What if we trusted God to do what we cannot do? What if we laid our burdens and concerns before him and looked to him to meet our needs?

Picture God’s mighty hand opening and providing whatever it is you’re in need of.

Picture it.

Do you need healing? He’s the great physician.  

Are you struggling with direction? He’s your guide.

Are you facing a difficult situation? He will give you the grace you need to go through it in victory.

What are you lacking today? What’s burdening your heart?

What if you prayed?

Praying to the God of the universe will bring blessings.

His hand is able to meet your every need.

Whatever it is, God can and he will.